What information can a site hacker get?

It may seem: well, what’s the point of hacking your little online store or a beginner’s blog? In fact, hackers will always find something to “profit from” on any portal. Let’s look at their goals.

Turning the site into a temporary repository of illegal information. The attacker uploads data to the database, the storage and distribution of which is punishable by law. The site owner will be responsible for this.

Theft of the user base. For example, a competitor may order a hacker to “steal” the data of online store buyers and service users.

Theft of users’ payment data. Due to him, the attackers conduct illegal financial transactions, and trust in the company drops to zero. That is why it is so important to use reliable payment systems that use special protection. Our review of payment systems for the site will help you choose such a system.

Launching a spam mailing list. Everything is simple here — users’ data is stolen in order to launch a mass mailing list on them.

The display of advertising, the proceeds of which go to the attackers.

Attacks on sites located on the same server. In this case, the infected site acts as a proxy server.

Placement of spam links on pages. Users will switch to similar resources by mistake, and your site will transfer the link weight to them. The most unpleasant thing is that Google can detect that you are referring to a malicious site and decide that you are in league with the attackers. Because of this, your site may face sanctions.

Placement of links leading to sites where other malicious scripts are already waiting for the user. Thus, a malicious site can “propagate” viruses. And they, in turn, will steal users’ personal data.

Hidden mining. A script miner is being implemented on the site. When a user goes to such a resource, his computer becomes a tool for mining cryptocurrency.

Damage to the reputation of the company. A hacker can place anything on the main page of the site. For example, something like this – and this is not the worst example yet: