How to ensure site security

Access restriction

It is desirable that users have access only to the 80 and 443 ports of the server. These ports are needed for site visitors to view content. The rest should be closed or access to them should be restricted by IP.

Checking for viruses

The administrator should regularly check his computer for viruses and use an antivirus on it. You need to scan the site itself. There are many online scanners for this, for example:



Kaspersky VirusDesk;


Dr. WEB;;


There are also special browser extensions for checking the site. We advise you to read any reviews on the web to choose the right solution for yourself. Also read a useful article on our partners’ blog — “How to scan websites for viruses”.

SSL certificate

SSL certificate – what is it, site protection, how to protect a site from hacking

Due to the fact that the SSL certificate encrypts the data, they will not fall into the hands of intruders. Google understands its value well, therefore, since 2014, it has been raising sites that use this technology in the search results. Now about 80% of the top issuance is occupied by such sites: